Espigão Carbonice

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  • The Carbonice Carbonflex Seatpost dampens surface irregularities, and during peak demand, through its special carbon fibre layer construction.  Carbonice tests its products on its on-site testing bench. The products are tested far beyond their normal product life cycle. Additionally Carbonice products are tested by independent testing laboratories under the DIN EN 14766 (MTB-test standard). Nevertheless, no testing laboratory can simulate 100% of all forces which affect the product while using it under real riding conditions. Hence Carbonice has a close relationship with competitive sportsman, who test their products. The Carbonice "Flotte Lotte" already competed in this year’s legendary Cape Epic and Craft Bike Transalp. Even the winning team of the Craft Bike Transalp used this seat post.


    Length Diameter Weight min. insertion Klamping area Usable length
    250mm 27,2mm  83g 70mm 60mm 120 - 180mm
    250mm 31,6mm  85g 70mm 60mm 120 - 180mm
    350mm 27,2mm  107g 80mm 80mm 190 - 270mm
    350mm 31,6mm  108g 80mm 80mm 190 - 270mm


    27,2mm 125g 80mm 100mm 240 - 340mm
    420mm 31,6mm 133g 80mm 100mm 240 - 340mm


    RRP length 250mm: 259,95€

    RRPlength 350mm: 269,95€

    RRP length 420mm: 279,95€

  • Weight: > 83g
  • Length: 250, 350, 420mm
  • Diameter: 27,2, 31,6mm
  • Finish: 3k, UD Carbon