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Over a year, Carbonice has invested in developing the clamp "Max und Moritz" for the newest Avid SRAM brake series (for mounting brake and gear levers). Small part, but with huge effect! Compared to the SRAM factory version the carbon version "Max und Moritz" from Cabonice saves 70% of the weight. This solution from Carbonice is therefore a consistent enhancement over existing idea from SRAM to mount both brake and gear levers with a single clamp.

The clamps can be ordered with or without the adapter for the gear lever.

"Max und Moritz" have been tested in the lab as well as on the track during the race Craft Bike Transalp 2013.


Max and Moritz (set with adapter)


Max (single clamp with adapter, left or right) 31,95€
Max (single clamp incl. screw) 23,95€
Adapter left or right inkl. screw for trigger 11,95€